With life comes change… With change comes life…

So crazy happy to be home again and for good. OMG the mainland just so wasn’t home. That’s what happens when you grow up in Paradise. Super spoiled. Don’t know how the heck I survived being so dang far from the Ocean. It wasn’t for a long time, thankfully and the road trips rocked. lol :)… It was necessary and served its purpose though. And now things are as they should be… Maui has always been home, even while away, that of course doesn’t change. Family, friends, all that home has and always will be are something I cherish so very much. Aside from the crappy healthcare and limited options in some of those areas, all else friggen rocks when it comes to living where your heart is most grounded. Keeping the amazing team of Docs that I’ve been working with in a few other states, and they’ve been amazing at being open to working with docs here. Geez with as many trips to the mainland we have done for surgeries and medical related crap, you think I’d be used to all the travel chaos that comes with it. This was only the second time I needed medical clearance from a Doctor to show proof of being medically able to travel. Oh lord back to $5 per gallon gas and $10 per gallon milk. lmao. Pay the price to live in Paradise, as they say, haha. Reminding myself that the amazing ocean, beaches, waterfalls, bamboo forest, secret spots of peacefulness, and the truly blessed energy that makes Maui, and the people here so much of what it is, are all 100% FREE!!! Home

So often people fear change, fear challenges, fear so much in this life. But when you accept that life is change. Life is challenge. Life is about living, you can live without fear of whatever is to come. Life is way to short to be lived halfway. If there are changes that you need to make to be happy, make them. If there are people holding you back, realize that you have the power to release yourself and that the only person who can really hold you back in this life, is yourself. Your life is precious. Your energy is precious. Your heart is precious. Value yourself, value the life that’s been gifted to you. So many people stay stuck on stuck. Stuck in places. Stuck in jobs. Stuck in relationships. None of which bring them true happiness or fulfillment. But they have a list of reasons as to why it’s easier to just stay, then to make a change, make a choice, and put it into action. You are in control of your life. Only YOU. While you may not be able to control the circumstances that arise in life, you most certainly are in control of the choices that you make, the direction you take, and the life that unfolds in doing so.

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