Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is by far one of the greatest gifts any person could ever give, or be so blessed to receive in their life. We often love in this life, but we set rules, restrictions, and conditions when it comes to how we choose to love and how we expect to be loved in return. We place our demands upon others. Loving someone unconditionally doesn’t mean you allow them to disrespect you, take advantage of you, or abuse you in any manner. It simply means you accept a person for exactly who they are, and you love them without YOUR list of “must have’s, must do’s, must be’s.”

If you are a parent, you understand unconditional love very well…. When your children make a mistake, screw up, hurt your feelings, break the rules…do you stop loving them? Of course not. You get disappointed, upset, and/or hurt. But the love never changes or leaves. This isn’t because they are your flesh and blood, it’s because this is what love really is and you know this because it’s no different when a child is born of you, or simply brought into your family… They are your child regardless of their creation …

All your relationships, friendships, and bonds of love in this life should be based on unconditional love… Love is one of the purest emotions that exists, its limitless, and in many ways endless. When someone passes away that you loved, do you stop loving them? Nope… Some loves run deep, and no matter what happens in life, they always simply exist… These are the loves that are true and unconditional. So much in life is based on choice, but love in many ways, just is, just exists, whether you’d want it to or not… regardless of choice… the choice however is on the limits you place upon it… the rules you apply… The conditions you demand… Love with all you are, love without your bs list of demands, accept all beings for exactly who and what they are… If you feel the need to change another person in order to have them fit your requirements, then perhaps it’s you who needs changing… or they just aren’t the fit for you…

Perfect and very simple example….We all can learn so much from what society calls “man’s best friend.” If people loved as our blessed animal friends do, the world would truly be a better place. It most certainly would more closely resemble the paradise it was created to be.  There is no purer love that one can receive… or give. This doesn’t mean let someone beat you; as often a dog will do, in simply wanting nothing but your love… But think about it, you beat him/her often enough and one day when you are just reaching out to feed it, it rips your throat out… But if you simply love your furry friend, the loyalty, the appreciation, the respect and the love they will offer will last not just for as long as they live, but for all your life as well… and likely for eternity…


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One thought on “Unconditional Love

  1. Beautifully said Peggy! I love something my therapist told me once, “Focus on the genuine feeling of love, instead of judgement or guilt.” I am the biggest worrier, and it was during a period of time where I was so worried about my adult kids… Letting them just have their journey, their choices without feeling responsible. I have the little sticky note still on my fridge, the one I wrote it on during our session. I read it everyday. I say this in my head everyday. It helps with every relationship really, but especially helps put me in my place as a mother of adult children. Keeps me on track 🙂

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