Ocean advice- so pure and so true…

OceanNone of us were created in this life to just sit back and watch life pass us bye. We were meant to make waves. We were meant to rock the boat. We were meant to push harder, swim faster, grow stronger and be more with each day that we are gifted. We were also created to be the person we choose to be. Don’t conform with others, simply to fit in. Don’t measure yourself based on others. Be proud of the person that you are, and say NO to the things and the people that don’t enrich your life.

Look around, no matter where you might be, and take in the beauty. It surrounds us and it lives within us always. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are responsible for each and every choice you make, and any direction that you take in this life. It’s so easy to caught up in the net, caught up in the crap that just doesn’t matter. But we all have the power to cut ourselves and free, and remain free from the traps and the people who don’t bring positive, don’t bring enrichment, don’t bring true benefit to our lives… Start by being someone who brings benefit to the lives of others, and you will attract the same. There’s more than enough of the problem people in the world. What we need more of is the solution people!!! Be all that you were created to be in this vast beautiful world we call home. Wishing you all a day filled with positive change, beautiful reflection and realization, and the truest comprehension of all that is possible when you chose for it to be!!!


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