Live This Day

LiveAt times people take life and others for granted. Getting caught up in the go go go of it all and always looking for something more. In doing such they loose sight of what they already have and all that surrounds them. Don’t get lost in what you once had. Don’t get lost in what you someday would like to have… Appreciate all you have right now with all you are. YOU are meant to live in this day, not the ones that have passed and not the ones that are yet to come. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set goals and put forth the steps in motion to achieve them all. This doesn’t mean you cannot or should not work toward a better future. This simply means in doing all that, don’t lose this very day at hand. Just as it doesn’t mean you cannot reflect upon your past, as we all know it helped bring you to the exact spot you are in, in this very moment. Take the time to appreciate. Take the time to see. Take the time to do this moment, this day, and appreciate the gift of having it.

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