Life Has It’s Challenges… Life Has It’s Blessings…

Life has its challenges. Often times it may seem unfair. Life can be difficult and it most certainly comes with hardships. But life is also, GOOD…As much disappointments and frustrations and even tragedies that come, the blessings and the joys outweigh them all. If you woke up this morning and drew breath, you have been blessed to begin this new day. Even if you have aches, pains and things weighing upon, YOU WOKE UP… Life will come with tough times, it will come with pains, but the happiness, the joys, the love and the blessings it comes with make the tougher stuff a little easier to deal with. When you get in a slump and find yourself focusing on the hards, give yourself a reality check in the simplest of ways….Look at pictures of your life, your Ohana, think about all the incredible memories…remind yourself of all that’s existed in your life, all that is now, and all the amazing still left to come. If you look hard enough and think back, I bet you will find the smiles outweighed the heck out of the frowns or tears… No one said life was gonna be easy, and if it was, would you fully appreciate it, or simply take everything and everyone for granted?

Remember one key thing…In life ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Appreciate, value, and cherish yourself, all others and this precious life you’ve been gifted!!!

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