forgivenessfreesthesoulForgiveness isn’t about letting someone off the hook for something, it’s about letting go of the chains that bind YOU to that action, or even to them.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re okay with what someone has done or said. It means you make the choice to accept that it was theirs to do or to say.

Forgiveness sometimes isn’t just something you do for others, but also for yourself. Sometimes it’s even you yourself that you need to forgive.
Regardless to whom it is, it could be you, a friend, a stranger, a family member, or even God or whatever greater power you believe in. The importance isn’t the whom it’s the choice of taking the action to forgive.

When you hang on to hurt and anger caused by yourself or someone else, you continue to allow that to be attached to your life. Let go, forgive, make peace with yourself and anyone else you need to. If you afford forgiveness to someone else and they don’t accept it, then it is theirs to carry, as they made the choice not to accept what you’ve offered. Once you offered, you have freed yourself, what someone else does with it is up to them. Anger eats away at a person. It attracts more yuck to ones life as well. Forgive, mean it, and let it go. I know that sounds like it’s so simple, well that’s because it is that simple. AGAIN, this doesn’t mean you agree with with any of what needs forgiving, it means you accept it. There is a HUGE difference. Acceptance is the key, just as much as forgiveness is. The doors they unlock are ones worth opening.

I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me, angered me, or rather that I allowed myself to be hurt or angered by. I forgive myself for my wrong choices in this life, and I ask forgiveness upon any I have wronged, angered or hurt. I let go of the extra baggage, the weight and all chains that bind me to those I may have previously not forgiven. I take one more step forward into a life that is full of peace, compassion, happiness, and unconditional love

Don’t forgive because someone said it’s the right thing to do…forgive because it’s the RIGHT thing for YOU!!!

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