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Poetically Inspired by Peggy Kan Hai is simply inspirational. Peggy is a beautiful writer who expresses her thoughts and feelings in such a way that makes you feel that you are experiencing each moment with her. I highly recommend Poetically Inspired for anyone that needs a little inspiration in their lives.
~Diana – Kula, HI

I have one complaint when it comes to Poetically Inspired: it is far to short a book. Only 108 pages. This is the first book in my life that I ever picked up and read until it was done. And I wanted more. I want more now. Each poem in this book tells it’s own story yet reads like one story all combined as well. Very strange way of poetry falling. Very welcoming form of strange. I was left wanting more. And I am so excited to say more is what I found. The Author, Peggy Kan Hai shortly after released another inspirational book: One Breath. One Step. One Day at a Time. I was so happy to find another book and this one is over 400 pages long. The inspirational positive journey that this Author takes you on is one that makes you really think. Question yourself. The way you live. The way you treat others. The way you treat yourself. She has this way of creating a wake up effect. While inspiring you from her own words and journey, she helps you learn to inspire yourself and to inspire others. I recommend that anything you see out there written by Peggy Kan Hai, you get your hands on. She is talented, insightful and colorful. She is compassionate and straight forward. She is worth bringing into your home.
~Tricia – Montana

This incredibly inspiring book is so much more than I expected it to be. It begins with the most beautifully written acknowledgements, filled with so much love for people dear to the author and to people in general. The first poem is short and yet full of what others can spend an entire book trying to accomplish.
It’s the beginning now,
to a journey unknown.
At times we walk together,
at times we walk alone.
Often beginnings in our lives,
may find their end in sorrow.
But even on the darkest of days,
the sun will rise tomorrow.
Into each life endings come,
and they bring time to start anew.
A new beginning for a heart,
a time for new dreams to come true.
This poem moved me, brought me to tears, and opened my heart in ways I had never had poetry do. I found myself enthralled in this book and hours later I put it down, eyes swelled, yet smiling, and with a heart so enlarged and open for life. For myself. For others. All I can say is, this book is beautifully written, the Author, Peggy Kan Hai, is inspiring, loving, compassionate, and cares greatly for how much others care for themselves. People like this are as rare a gift, as books like this are. Rare gifts come in all different places. Poetically Inspired comes from Maui. How befitting. Thank you Peggy for sharing yourself with the world as you chose to do.
~Selene P. – New York

I received Poetically Inspired by Peggy Kan Hai as a Christmas gift this year. I’ve been going through a lot in my life and without realizing it myself I’d fallen into a bit of a depression. A very dear and amazing friend knew I was in a place of darkness, and called me out on it while handing me this little present with a beautiful red bow. He told me he didn’t have all the answers, but he did have a direction that might help me, and that beneath this beautiful red bow I’d find that direction. I couldn’t imagine how a small present could possibly help me. Well my imagination couldn’t have been more off. This book is truly the greatest present I’ve ever been gifted. This Author has the ability to bring you into the story. She gets not only inside your head, but your heart, and your soul. My spirit was in a dark place, and this little present, this incredible gift of positivity is a light. And it’s a light I will continue to walk toward. There was a website listed for more information about the Author. I found so much more light in looking into the website. Peggy Kan Hai has a website where she does a blog. This is soul food. Peggy is a present that helped me to be in the present. Thank you Peggy Kan Hai. I do not know you, but I love your book, your words, I love your heart for choosing to share this. Thank you to my best friend for knowing that this little present under his perfect red bow would bring me into the present and out of the past. Friends seem to know what we need, when we even do not at times. Peggys writes in a manner as if you’re very best friend is talking to you. Except you know they have your best interests in mind, and can think they are bias. But she doesn’t know you at all, so she’s a best friend you actually listen to. This New Year is looking a lot brighter.
~Teresa Lampert – LA

Poetically Inspired by Peggy Kan Hai is one of the most thought provoking, soul feeding poetry books! I read from it everyday, and each time I get something new from it, even if it’s a poem I’ve read before. It’s a forever read, always giving from every page, every word. Peggy has a way with her words that are relatable, and speak right to your heart. Some make me smile, some bring tear, but they always cause me to reflect and take a closer look at my life. This book is like Mary Poppins bag. It holds more than it appears! You definitely won’t be disappointed
~Tracy Tuft. – Utah

I couldn’t put this book down, I just loved all the positive vibes!!! With every page turned of Poetically Inspired, I started feeling better. Better about myself and life!! I encourage everyone to get this awesome read by Peggy Kan Hai..
With Love,
~Kelley R. Peters – Maui

I found a treasure. Some may not think a book could be a treasure. And I’d have to say, then you have never heard of or read Poetically Inspired. A treasure is finding inspiration, soul, heart, and anything that makes you really think. I have moved by people in my life. I have been moved by actions of others. I have been moved beyond words by this book. Peggy Kan Hai writes in a manner that makes you feel as if she is speaking to you directly. Or as though she knows your secrets, your feelings, you inner most thoughts. She so openly shares who she is. She is not embarrassed or ashamed of anything. And she is not afraid of life. She reminds us the power we have. This book was just the reminder I needed, and something I will return too often not just for my reminders, but because of the beauty and love that this book contains, and that love and beauty it was written from. Thank you Peggy for sharing this treasure with the world, as you so often share the treasure that is you with it.
~Rachel -Maui

I have read a lot of books over the years, and it’s not often that I’ve come across a book that heart and such incredible unstoppable spirit spill from the pages. I’ve known Peggy Kan Hai for most of my life. Am I bias to what a wonderful person she is? Sure, you could say I am, but for good reason. Peggy is the kind of friend who would do anything to help you. But remove friendship from the picture, and no matter how you look at it, this book is inspiring. Perhaps to those who know Peggy or at least know her story, its even more inspiring. This book is twenty years of Peggy’s poetry. It shows you who she is, who she has always been, and brings out such spirit in yourself. Peggy’s been through more in life than anyone I know. And it never has changed her. She’s always had such a passion for life, and she kind of has this weird way of rubbing off on you. Buy the book. Read the book. Feel the book. You’ll understand then why Poetically Inspired worth the read, worth your money, worth your time, and worth connecting to Peggy’s heart.
~Dawn -Maui, HI

Poetically Inspired is beautiful written. The words are heartfelt, and cause you to feel. You begin to read and you find yourself connecting to certain passages, and feeling as if it was yourself who wrote this, maybe because you lived it. I know I did this while reading it. Peggy Kan Hai share her heart on each of the pages throughout all the words.
~Robyn W. – Washington

It’s real. It’s raw. It’s genuine. And that makes sense because that is what Peggy Kan Hai is. Poetically Inspired is an incredible collection of inspirational poems that invoke thoughts and feelings in a way that not much seems to out there anyone. This book is a wonderful book and something worth sharing with others. I am giving it this year to several friends as their Christmas presents. Money is tight, but inspiration is something that is hard to find, and this brings it. Peggy Kan Hai brings it. Thank you Peggy for this book and for everything you do that helps me drive forward each day.
~Michelle Baer – Journalist – Worldwide

OMG, I just received Poetically Inspired today and my eyes are filling with tears of JOY and I’m only on page 3!! I feel your spirit, your love, your joy in your words. Like when you watch a movie you feel the characters. Well, my dear Peggy Kan Hai, your words have character! They come to life! Your words run deep within, stirring up my soul, tears welling in my eyes with joy- I can’t wait to read the rest. Your spirit lives in your words as well as your love. Thank you for sharing your words – for we all so need this inspiring book to bless us and alert us to all the possibilities this world has to offer, especially when we feel trapped or defeated. Yes, Peggy, your words run deep. If it stirred my soul this much I can only imagine what others are feeling. You are truly blessed! Thank you!
~Enola Tavares – Honolulu, HI

Heart spills off every page. The words come to life. This book is beyond what I had expected. The Author, Peggy Kan Hai has an incredible style of writing that i’ve never been exposed to before. She brings you into the poem, the story, the passage. She makes you feel as if she is directly speaking to you through her heartfelt words. This is a beautiful collection of poetry by an Author with a true and blessed gift to reach others. To reach a place inside us. Her very spirit comes through and brought forth mine. I am moved. I am hooked. And I cannot say enough about this book. Would I recommend to others? Yes, if you truly are looking to be inspired. Positivity, passion, love, inspiration, motivation, meditation, thought so much is invoked from Poetically Inspired. I so look forward to Peggy’s next publication One Breath… One Step… One Day At A Time…
~Samantha Ramsey, RN, San Diego, California

What a wonderful book. So inspiring throughout. It’s a rare gift when you connect to someones words and are left feeling as if they’ve written each word to you or about you. Peggy Kan Hai has a gift with words and even greater a gift of a blessed heart so openly shared. I couldn’t put this book down when it arrived. From the very first pages where she speaks to those she acknowledged. It’s so clear how deeply she loves her husband, son, parents, friends and all people on this sacred Earth. Her compassion is impossible not to recognize and even greater to feel. Poetically Inspired is a book I will return to again and again. Inspiration isn’t easy to find, and writers who truly care enough to want to inspire others is even harder to find. I found a writer worth following. I also found she shares a wonderful website with inspirational blog and many stories shared about her life. I google searched in hopes that she had other books out. I was disappointed when I couldn’t find any. But I found a great resource for even more inspiration, AND I found that she does have another book to release soon. I’m excited.
~Laura F. – North Carolina

Hello People… First off I’m sure you’d like to know I am Peggy’s Mother…and you’ll probably go thinking I’m alittle bias 🙂 🙂 🙂 But ….honestly I so enjoyed it once I started to peek at it I couldn’t put it down except to grab a tissue or two now and then! What a little stinker hiding she had poetry inside to share all this time! Loved it and felt like a breath of fresh air so sounding like my Peggy Jay with every poem. Who’d a thunk??? And Go figure!! Love You and your little book too..Go get em little one of mine! xxoo
~Da Mom – Pukalani, HI

Peggy Kan Hai is a dear friend of mine. She has been for over 25 years. She is a woman of remarkable strength. She faced a life changing experience some years ago in a fatal car accident where a life was taken and another was spared (hers). But her story does not stop there. She continues with all that resulted from the accident, losing her foot, to losing her leg and even almost losing her life (YES AGAIN!) The medical expenses don’t stop either and if you want the best you have to go to the best, so there is travel expenses as well. All of this can really take a toll on a persons will to live, ability to cope and most importantly a persons spirit! But not Peggy! For as long as i have known this woman she is nothing but ALOHA. She is my inspiration and my hero. Through all the physical pain and emotional stress still she smiles and remembers that someone else has it worse. She has the best husband and the best son and the best family and friends to help her through. She has a Facebook page called Peggy Kan Hai Author through this I receive such uplifting words and inspiration and it really does help me get through a tough day. You should check it out. Peggy most recently published a book called Poetically Inspired and I hope her story is in itself enough for you to be intrigued enough to purchase it as a book for yourself or someone else.
~Augie C. – Washington

Its not too often that you can give the gift of a book that was written by someone from Maui let alone someone who has inspired many of us…… I got mine so please contact Peggy Kan Hai for your copies of Poetically Inspired before she sells out!
~Dave D. – Maui

Peggy, I started reading and couldn’t put the book down!! I’m on page 24 now, you are so awesome and always so inspiring, you just have the right things to say, and it’s just who you are!! Love it…Continuing my reading later on…Quite time..For ME! !ol..Be waiting for your next book!! I heard that soon your second book will be out very soon and I can’t wait. Fabulous!!!! Have a great day and pray for all to continue to go well!!! Aloha my friend..
~Georgianna S – Kona, HI

Poetically Inspired is truly beautiful and inspirational. The author, Peggy Kan Hai offers poetic and inspiring quotes and verses to remind us that we are not alone, and that the human spirit has the power and strength to persevere. I will treasure this book, and return to it again and again. And I absolutely love that the Author signed it and included a personal note!!!
~Desiree Wilson – Colorado

Hi, my name is Debbie and I am so thankful to have met Peggy Kan Hai. She is an amazing and inspirational person who has a gift for writing. Her Poetically Inspired book is lovely and filled with feeling and love. Her words touch the heart! Thank you Peggy for writing with such feeling and for being such an incredible human being!
~Debbie Downie – Washington

Poetically Inspired,’ a collection of words that have inspired me to change the way I think and the way I view the world around me.. Written by Peggy Kan Hai, a Woman, I know personally, who has over-come and survived many things in life most could not ever begin to even think about how handle. Her positive attitude is what I feel through her words and throughout her poetry. Her words have touched me in such a way that I am viewing the world around me in a more positive light, appreciation, and love. Making for a better life, a better ME…
Finally a collection of Peggy’s words that I, that anyone can have on hand for daily inspiration, and encouragement when sometimes we feel we need uplifting!!!
Forever greatful for this Woman, as she is not only an inspiration to me, but a blessing to call and to have as a friend:)
~Kimberli K. – Maui

“As a healthcare provider, I see people struggle with illness and loss on a daily basis. When faced with such life changing events people tend to turn inward or give up on life. Peggy Kan Hai is not like any other person I know. She has risen above and has become a mentor to those in time of need. “Poetically Inspired” is an easy read of poems from her very soul. It touches the heart and soul as you can sense her struggle yet rise above with hope and faith. If you have a loved one who is in need of an empathetic friend and needs a little encouragement this is the book of choice. I wholeheartedly recommend this for patients in need or really for everyone. It’s chicken soup island girl style for the soul”.
~Kaiulani Newhouse Registered Nurse, Certified Case Manager, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant


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