As the day ends, and the darkness descends.


Goodnight and sweet dreams to all of our family and our friends. To every stranger who stumbles across this site. And to every person I now say good night…

Wishing you all the very sweetest of dreams… Before you lay your head atop your pillow this evening and you enter into the land of dreams, take a moment to reflect upon your day. Think about the little things that made you smile. The things that filled the room with laughter. A good song you heard that caused you to sing along. Maybe you even danced a little…Think about each and every thing or person that brought a warmth to your heart and filled your day with happiness. Maybe a text from someone. Maybe a call from a friend. Maybe a simple look from a loved one. Maybe a hug. Maybe the light in your child’s eyes, or the laughter or your spouse…

So many little blessings often fill our average day. Sometimes overlooked, and sometimes even under appreciated… If you missed it when it happen, let yourself feel the moment right now. Let yourself acknowledge this incredible day for the gift that it really and truly was… If you woke up, and if you are reading this now, then you were gifted another day on this Earth. Whether it be a day that felt like heaven, or felt like hell, at least you had it to feel at all.

Take a moment to fill yourself with every simple joy that blessed your day. Take it with you to bed tonight. Let the smiles, laughter and hearts of others and of yourself fill your dream world this evening. Run, fly, and soar throughout your dreams in all the ways you imagine yourself doing and wish to in the waking hours. Dream, imagine, and should you awaken tomorrow, keep living the life you create, and that you were created for. Dreams are meant to be more than what we experience as we sleep. They are meant to pave the way to our living world, each and every day.

Sweet dreams to you all, and may your every dream in this life become your reality 🙂

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