There are days of clarity and days of chaos. How we deal with either has everything to do with our ability to differentiate between the positives and negatives in our lives. Ironically, what can appear to be negative may very well be a blessing or an opportunity in disguise. The wider our eyes become to see this concept, the better equipped we become to recognize the difference. Once we can hone these skills and put them into practice, we subsequently have the pleasure of knowing that without negatives, positives could not exist. The contrast between the two is what makes life so beautiful. Sometimes we just need a little help with it’s interpretation!
Peggy Kan Hai was raised in Hawaii and is the epitome of what is called “The Aloha Spirit”. What she is most loved for is her relentless passion for helping others and doing it with unconditional love and positivity. Six years ago her life changed drastically after a horrific accident left her with a conundrum of challenges. Ultimately, after countless efforts to save her left leg, in November of 2012 her leg was amputated below the knee. There is so much to tell about what she endured in those six years. She has a medical record that would make the best and brightest of medical professionals speechless. Truth be told, the road ahead will bring her more challenges, but you can count on one thing. She has always found a way to see the positive over the negative, and will continue to do so. Often referred to as a “Warrior” by her friends and family. There is nothing she cannot do when she sets her mind to it, and moreover when she sets her spirit and heart too it. This is another important things she helps remind us and teach us about ourselves.
Her life’s journey has not only inspired the creation of this site, but along the way she has been able to share her ideas, experience, knowledge and heart with many. It is a place where we can come and further share in her positivity, inspiration and welcomed spirit!
* Peggy published her first book “Poetically Inspired” in November 2012. It’s a wonderful collection of poetry she’s written over the last 20 years of her life. Her inspiration, passion for life, compassion for others, and unstoppable spirit and heart come through in her every word. Her 2nd Book “One Breath… One Step… One Day At A Time….” was published at the end of December 2012. Just in time to help others start their New Year off with Inspiration, Motivation and over 400 pages of positivity. Please see the “Poetically Inspired” and “One Breath… One Step… One Day At A Time…” tabs and take a sneak peek into the books and see for yourself why Peggy is inspiring to so many.

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