The Color Run

We did it!!! Truthfully it was so much more challenging then I thought it would be. The inclines and declines were challenging in themselves… The hour before hand of waiting in the friggen cold (yes I think 38 degrees is cold- Im from Maui, haha)….Pain and prosthetic just not fitting the way it really should. I’m sore. I’m bruised. Stumpy is raw and pissed off. But I am suuuuper happy that no matter what I not only took this on, but completed it… Reality is I hurt 24/7 and I know the pain and what’s what very well. It hurts when I’m not in the prosthetic, but should not hurt 10x worse when in it as well…The added pain today in the prosthetic served to direct us in changes that need to be made. Awaiting the Prosthetic referral, but we will get this bad boy fitting better and soon… I have a lot more events like this to tackle and things to torture my amazing husband.

Matt, thank you so very much for being part of the greatest team ever that a person could be a part of. You’re knees were grinding the whole way but you still offered 100,000,000 times to piggy back my ass. haha. You protested me doing this from the start, out of care, love and concern. But you also supported me literally every step of the way while doing it. When you told me how crazy proud of me you were afterwards, you can never know what that means to me. You see me at my worst, you see me at my best, you love just for who I am, including my stubborn as can be side. Thank you for today, yesterday, every day and all that is still to come. We did it!!! First 5K completed… what next? hmmmmmm….


Ok ok ok yes I cried at the finish line…. Happy tears… Beyond impossible to express the feeling… In so much pain right now, but am so happy that we did this and that no matter how easy it would have been to just stop at any point, or not have done this at all, it wasn’t even an option in my mind!!!