Goodbye 2014 – Hello 2015

2014-2015Every year on New Years a great majority of people make New Years Resolutions. Stats show not even 5% of people keep their resolutions though… So here’s my thoughts on this, which are pretty basic. Making a resolution as say I’m going to lose weight this year- here’s a thought, make a plan as to how, not just the what but the actual steps you will take… i.e: I will eat healthier foods. I will stop drinking soda. I will cut out processed foods. I will cut out fast food… see the theme here? When setting goals that you want to achieve you have to do more then think about where you are at and where it is that you would like to be…. You have to outline the steps you WILL take to get there. Joining a gym doesn’t make one lose weight. Going there every day and doing the work, and eating healthier are the every day steps… Just an example. Whether your new years resolution is to quit smoking, lose weight, stop drinking, be a better person, or find a better job, know that you can achieve any/all of these things by taking the steps one day at a time to get there. Without work, without effort, without the will to make changes, changes that you strive for won’t ever happen.

On another note… As this year comes to an end, leave with the years end all that has happened, all that is not within your control to change, and all that has come to pass. Move into the new year with positivity, with a mind set that anything is possible, and that YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU ARE, to all that you wish to achieve, to be and to make happen. Sometimes in life we have to accept the things that are not within our control to change, and apply that energy instead to all that things that are possible. Life will always finds its balance, but it won’t find it while you place your energy in all that has past, all that can’t be changed, all the circumstances that aren’t within your power to control. Give your power, your energy and your life to all that is, all it can be, and all that helps you to be the incredible being you were placed on this earth to be… Start the New Year a new… Be the best most incredible YOU that you can be. Go after your every goal, desire and passion in this life, and make dreams realities. YOU CAN… and YOU WILL… Happy New Years eve everyone. Please be safe…

The Power You Were Created With

choiceI had a conversation one day with someone. I found it worth sharing. This person told me, OMG I can’t imagine not having my leg. How do you do it every day? The pain, all the surgeries. Dang you kicked a$$ through cancer so many years ago. And now all of this other stuff just keeps coming your way. She then said I’ve never been through any hard crap in my life, the way you have. My biggest gripe is that my husband is a jerk, treats me like crap, and we haven’t had love for so long. And I hate my job. But damn compared to all you’ve been through, I really can’t complain. I can’t imagine how you’ve dealt with the pain for so long and still do. How is it you are always smiling? I started laughing, and said I think that is actually the other way around. She said what do you mean? I said it’s me that can’t imagine how you do it. She said huh? I said I just lost a leg, you however get up every day and go to a job you can’t stand for 8-10 hours a day, and then you come home to someone you can’t stand as well. That’s a HUGE waste of a day, every single day. It’s a waste of a life. I may not have my leg, and I may live with a great deal of pain, but I live every single day so crazy happy. I love my work, I love my family. I love that I not only share my life with a man who is my best friend, who I am crazy in love with, but also who I still really like. haha. Seriously, I got it easy woman, it’s your life I can’t imagine living.

She was silent for a minute. Then I said, the saddest part of it all is that you can choose to change the things you aren’t happy with. I can’t grow my leg back, I can’t choose for all to heal any quicker than life and myself heals it. But you choose to go to work everyday and hate what you do… And you choose to spend your life married to someone that you aren’t happy in the slightest with. Both issues are a choice, and not a circumstance that isn’t within your control. Life again always going back to being far more about the choices we make, than the circumstances that may occur. Life is too short to live it unhappy. Home and work are where you spend majority of your time. The rest of it sleeping. So who the hell wants to waste such a precious gift? If you aren’t happy in this life, DO something about it. And don’t ever assume that just cause someone has suffered a loss that they aren’t happy…

I’ve been through much in my life, as have so many in this life…I live a life without regrets, never focused on what has come before, always looking straight ahead, and appreciating every breath. I’ve been unhappy with a job, been unhappy with a person… I did something about it. You always have a choice. Even in the roughest of circumstances, you always have a choice.

I know people who live their lives in prisons, in hospitals, in many situations that aren’t that which would be ideal. And some I have to tell you are far happier than those who have freedom, good health, and life gifted to them every single day in the free world. How crazy is that? You know why this is…? Cause they are at peace with where they are in this very day. Because they have found that even though they may not be able to control where they are, because of some bad choices of the past, or because of illnesses they can’t control, they know they control the way they deal with it and the they control how they allow things to make them feel, and the choices they make.

Bottom line, look at your life. Look really well, and if there are things you aren’t happy with, then figure out what you need to do in order to change that. You are in the drivers seat of your life. You can’t just have faith in the greater source above to do it all for you. You have to have faith in the power you were created with to do for YOU as well.