I married the most considerate man on the planet… It’s the little things I think that often make the biggest impacts. He thinks about EVERYTHING. Yeap- EVERYTHING before I have a chance to even think sometimes. lol. It’s so sweet, because it’s thoughtful. The fact that he thinks about every little thing possible to make my day even the slightest bit easier to tackle. A lot of people don’t take the time to do little things for one another in their relationships. To think not only for themselves, but for someone else. I see it a lot in relationships. And I can tell you it’s the ones who have that thoughtfulness, care and politeness for one another that go the farthest, strongest and happiest through this journey together. When you get up and make your coffee or tea in the morning, you see what your other half would like. Better yet, you already know and you’re making it and handing it to them before they’ve got their eyes all the way open.
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the extra mile that I know my husband goes every day for me, every day for our family. It’s just who he is, and how he is wired. He can be so crazy sore and exhausted at the end of day, and I’ll get a last minute appt, and he’ll drive me to Hana if that’s where I need to go (hours of a drive-for those that don’t know)… Not exaggerating either. There isn’t a doctors appt that he isn’t at. A therapy appt that he isn’t not only there, but learning from, so he can help even more at home in continuing things. The daily little things like always having a glass of water beside the bed. Fresh towels waiting for me when I’m about to take a shower. Washing my hair, just to share the time together. The intimacy of the little stuff, makes for added intimacy in other depts as well. hehe. Seriously though, I cannot explain some of thoughtfulness that goes into each day. The two steps ahead he always has on me. I appreciate it, and appreciate him so much. His response when I tell him that, is he does it, because he appreciates me so much.
The greatest of the little things, is the appreciation for every day we are gifted. You know that there hasn’t been a single solitary day in the last 5 years that we haven’t held hands? Nope not a day. In the car, in the house, watching tv, and just chilling in bed. Some people under rate holding hands. There is an intimacy there, a quiet, subtle, sweetness. I know for us, it may hold a different added aspect, since what crossed us over as friends 25yrs ago and into something more was him taking my hand, while everyone talked about, laughing, sharing jokes, we shared this quiet place at the same time, with our hands held to one another. Matt has been the love of my life, for all of my life. Years spent apart, only make the years now shared appreciated all the more. How many people can honestly say they are married to the love of their lifetime? To their soul mate? To the person that makes, their life, the lives of others, and this world a better place? How many people can say their married to their best friend and lover? How many people can say they are with the one person on this earth that they’d go to battle for, fight for, and die for (besides our children-of course)…?
Who would have thought this man who is a beast, who pushes through no matter how difficult things get in our lives, this man who is as hard as they come, would also be as sweet and kind as they come? It’s funny cause he says the same about me. He said since we were kids he always felt that I was the sweetest girl, but tough as friggen nails at the same time… Still says that now. He tells people I’m the strongest human being he has ever met, yet the sweetest, most kindness and compassionate being as well. Life is a crazy journey- I know ours has been. We both have fought, and continue to fight massive battles. We fight them together, no matter what they are… Life isn’t promised, nor was it ever promised to be easy. I thank our creator, I thank this Universe and I thank all that is great in this world, for having a partner in this journey, for each step that we’re blessed to take. We may fight battles, but we fight them together, united, and as one strong, relentless driving force.
Value yourself, value your life, and don’t ever let another devalue it. If you aren’t happy with the person you are with, then do something about it. If you are happy with the person you share your life with, be sure that you always treat them in a manner that reinforces that. Go the extra mile, not because you have to, but because you want to, and because it doesn’t even seem like an extra mile at all. When they say I love you, don’t just say I love you too… Mean it, show it, share it, respect it, and live true to it. If your soul mate hasn’t come along just yet, believe that they exist, because they do. Make right with yourself, and all the rest will come. If you aren’t good with you, you’ll never be good with someone else. Happiness has to come from within, as does love. Same goes for respect, honesty, truth, and all that makes us true to the gift of life we’ve been given. Appreciation is key for ourselves, others, our creation, and this entire amazing Universe that exists.