forgivenessfreesthesoulForgiveness isn’t about letting someone off the hook for something, it’s about letting go of the chains that bind YOU to that action, or even to them.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re okay with what someone has done or said. It means you make the choice to accept that it was theirs to do or to say.

Forgiveness sometimes isn’t just something you do for others, but also for yourself. Sometimes it’s even you yourself that you need to forgive.
Regardless to whom it is, it could be you, a friend, a stranger, a family member, or even God or whatever greater power you believe in. The importance isn’t the whom it’s the choice of taking the action to forgive.

When you hang on to hurt and anger caused by yourself or someone else, you continue to allow that to be attached to your life. Let go, forgive, make peace with yourself and anyone else you need to. If you afford forgiveness to someone else and they don’t accept it, then it is theirs to carry, as they made the choice not to accept what you’ve offered. Once you offered, you have freed yourself, what someone else does with it is up to them. Anger eats away at a person. It attracts more yuck to ones life as well. Forgive, mean it, and let it go. I know that sounds like it’s so simple, well that’s because it is that simple. AGAIN, this doesn’t mean you agree with with any of what needs forgiving, it means you accept it. There is a HUGE difference. Acceptance is the key, just as much as forgiveness is. The doors they unlock are ones worth opening.

I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me, angered me, or rather that I allowed myself to be hurt or angered by. I forgive myself for my wrong choices in this life, and I ask forgiveness upon any I have wronged, angered or hurt. I let go of the extra baggage, the weight and all chains that bind me to those I may have previously not forgiven. I take one more step forward into a life that is full of peace, compassion, happiness, and unconditional love

Don’t forgive because someone said it’s the right thing to do…forgive because it’s the RIGHT thing for YOU!!!

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So crazy blessed…

5 (4)16I was told I was overdue for an update. So here ya go… As many of you know, we had to start the whole prosthetic leg process over again after the issues with the first leg (which we never got to use except while in Cali making it- and for less than a handful of times once we were back in Maui) and then having those humangous tumors removed, which changed the size and shape of the stump… I say HUMANGOUS because one of them was actually the largest ever reported in medical history- they have no idea how in the course of only several months they grew at such unheard of rates. They generally grow a millimeter per year- so 120mm is insane- which was the measurement when they did the MRI only 8 months after amputation- the other one was only 30mm lol)… Pain is still HUGE, but now I can be in pain- but walking again, instead of in pain sittin on my butt. lol. We’re both still dealing with a lot of other health stuff, but as long as we’re breathing, then we’ll be a fighting!!! Can’t complain to be honest. We are so ridiculously blessed and appreciative of not just life, but everyone we get to share it with. I have to say an ENORMOUS thank you to everyone that has been there, not just through the difficulties but through all the amazings. I’m so grateful for things like FB and internet. We get to watch our lives unfold, see our families, see so much of one anothers journey. So many of us live oceans apart, but we’ve remained friends for all of our lives. Some people I met through some of the struggles, like CDiff, and made friendships I’ll cherish for all my life. Those friendships and the people all of us have been able to help rid that nasty infection from, are what making getting it make a little more sense. The same goes for the amputation surgeries and all that has transpired. Without enduring certain things, we could never help others avoid them, endure them, or kick their butts. Reality is very simple as well, the blessings fully outweigh the hards

Biggest update is my LEG finally arriving here this week, and we’re making all the necessary tweaks for it to fit as best as possible. The goal now with the prosthetic is just to not have it increase the pain. I’m working with an awesome therapist to help reduce some of the nerve pain in stump and compression on my spine  as best as possible, and just to get back to walking, properly and help the rest of things fall into place. She has helped so much that after over a year of not being able to lay on my back or my right side without setting the stump off insanely. So any progress forward is very positive progress. I can lay cuddling my hubby  now, instead of him always having to cuddle me. lol…

With all the surgeries, complications and illnesses this past couple years, being out on the ocean was one the biggest things I was missing. Yesterday that all changed. Paddled out on my board… Finally out- way out- in the middle of the ocean, where my spirit, soul and heart know it’s greatest peace. Where my mind finds a calm. Although I just got my prosthetic leg, its my first week of walking with it, but t’s just short time bursts for now, and it can’t get wet or be on sand, so beach time is still one legged… For now… In no time I will be back upright surfing and SUPn the days away. I mastered walking when I was told it was impossible after the accident, so you can bet your ass I’ll master it now, and so much more. And with Matts genius in no time we’ll have a water leg of sorts. Just you wait! Either way I will be upright and enjoying. For now I was beyond content, elated and overjoyed just paddling sitting and kneeling. It was without a doubt a very marvelous Monday. What better way to kick start the week- beach day with my gorgeous, incredible husband, out in the ocean, all alone, without another single person in the water at the beach too. lol. Apparently people were concerned with the supposed shark attack earlier that morning- turned out it wasn’t. We don’t fret the sharks in the ocean, knowing that it’s the humans others should worry about, and not the sharks. lol.

Ok… So focus at this time of course is on healing still. The tumor removal and them needing to cut and burn the nerves has been more painful than the amputation itself was the year before. Getting there, and having faith. Keep having these great dreams where I awake and say holly crap there is no pain. Nothing wrong with dreaming. In addition to getting my leg, getting back out onto the ocean, resuming physical therapy- or torture as my therapist calls it, lol, I am also getting my fitness back on. Always being into fitness and a former trainer, I have missed it huge. But Docs orders were no working out, so I listened for a change. Got clearance and am amped to get my out of shape bootie back in shape.

All else is going awesome. We added another furry friend to our home. Snuggles (chinchilla)… She is sweet, sassy, stubborn and borderline crazy when play time hits. She sleeps and snuggles with you during the day (well with me-hehe) and at night she is 100% nuts- esp its our sleeping hours. lol. Fell in love with her right out the gate. She melts my heart every day, more times than I can count. Another being in the house to love is always a blessing. Her added bit of crazy fits right in with this family too. lol

Brandon is graduating with Honors this year. He was accepted at every school he applied for and made the choice to go with the one that not only best fit his education needs, but his environmental and his budget. He was offered amazing scholarships and grants to make this all possible. We are so crazy proud of him. His hard work, his achievements, his thousands of hours of community service here, and his solid choices have shaped all of this. People say good job to us, but we can’t take credit for his choices. We can only be here, support him, listen, really listen and do the best to help him in any way possible. Still can’t believe that in a month he will be an adult… A man… A graduate in 2 months… A college student at the end of summer. Ahhhh. I don’t know where the years have gone. Brandon being a miracle from his creation on, began a life has been filled with miracles, big and small, in so many ways, on so many levels. Brandon has brought more happiness and love than I ever imagined possible. The gift is in loving him unconditionally, and having the opportunity to do so. I look forward to all he does he in this life. Wherever life takes him, I know he’s going out there with all the tools he needs within him to make everything and anything possible.

So there is a brief (laugh- you know I never do brief well) update. And a HUGE thank you again for all the amazing family and friends we have in our lives. We look forward to celebrating Brandon’s graduation with so many of you soon too. For those of you out of state, get ready to come home- hehe… Nothing better than an excuse to come back to Maui. Seriously want to thank you all. I say it often, I have for many years, and I hope I will forever- and that is that we have the most incredible Ohana anyone could ever dream of. Near or far, online or offline, the people in our lives that make a difference are the most incredible people anyone could have in their lives, and call family or friends. Not everyone has such blessings. Not everyone who do, appreciate the people in their lives for the gift that they are. We most certainly do!!!! We resect, appreciate and love unconditionally all the amazing blessings (people and furry friends) that we have in our lives. This my SHOUT OUT to you all… I LOVE YOU!!!

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As the day ends, and the darkness descends.


Goodnight and sweet dreams to all of our family and our friends. To every stranger who stumbles across this site. And to every person I now say good night…

Wishing you all the very sweetest of dreams… Before you lay your head atop your pillow this evening and you enter into the land of dreams, take a moment to reflect upon your day. Think about the little things that made you smile. The things that filled the room with laughter. A good song you heard that caused you to sing along. Maybe you even danced a little…Think about each and every thing or person that brought a warmth to your heart and filled your day with happiness. Maybe a text from someone. Maybe a call from a friend. Maybe a simple look from a loved one. Maybe a hug. Maybe the light in your child’s eyes, or the laughter or your spouse…

So many little blessings often fill our average day. Sometimes overlooked, and sometimes even under appreciated… If you missed it when it happen, let yourself feel the moment right now. Let yourself acknowledge this incredible day for the gift that it really and truly was… If you woke up, and if you are reading this now, then you were gifted another day on this Earth. Whether it be a day that felt like heaven, or felt like hell, at least you had it to feel at all.

Take a moment to fill yourself with every simple joy that blessed your day. Take it with you to bed tonight. Let the smiles, laughter and hearts of others and of yourself fill your dream world this evening. Run, fly, and soar throughout your dreams in all the ways you imagine yourself doing and wish to in the waking hours. Dream, imagine, and should you awaken tomorrow, keep living the life you create, and that you were created for. Dreams are meant to be more than what we experience as we sleep. They are meant to pave the way to our living world, each and every day.

Sweet dreams to you all, and may your every dream in this life become your reality 🙂

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