Goodbye Old…Hello NEW !!!


Every year on New Years a great majority of people make New Years Resolutions. Stats show not even 5% of people keep their resolutions though… So here’s my thoughts on this, which are pretty basic. Making a resolution as say I’m going to lose weight this year- here’s a thought, make a plan as to how, not just the what but the actual steps you will take… i.e: I will eat healthier foods. I will stop drinking soda. I will cut out processed foods. I will cut out fast food… see the theme here? When setting goals that you want to achieve you have to do more then think about where you are at and where it is that you would like to be…. You have to outline the steps you WILL take to get there. Joining a gym doesn’t make one lose weight. Going there every day and doing the work, and eating healthier are the every day steps… Just an example. Whether your new years resolution is to quit smoking, lose weight, stop drinking, be a better person, or find a better job, know that you can achieve any/all of these things by taking the steps one day at a time to get there. Without work, without effort, without the will to make changes, changes that you strive for won’t ever happen.

On another note… As this year comes to an end, leave with the years end all that has happened, all that is not within your control to change, and all that has come to pass. Move into the new year with positivity, with a mind set that anything is possible, and that YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU ARE, to all that you wish to achieve, to be and to make happen. Sometimes in life we have to accept the things that are not within our control to change, and apply that energy instead to all that things that are possible. Life will always finds its balance, but it won’t find it while you place your energy in all that has past, all that can’t be changed, all the circumstances that aren’t within your power to control. Give your power, your energy and your life to all that is, all it can be, and all that helps you to be the incredible being you were placed on this earth to be… Start the New Year a new… Be the best most incredible YOU that you can be. Go after your every goal, desire and passion in this life, and make dreams realities. YOU CAN… and YOU WILL… Happy New Years eve everyone. Please be safe…

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