An excuse is a dream never becoming a reality…

To achieve anything in this life you must first ACT. Nothing will come without action. You have everything you need within you to live the most amazingly blessed life. You need only take steps towards, to, forward, and/or onward. Often people think things are out of their reach, not meant for them, are going to take to much work. There is always an excuse not to take action, not to try. For every excuse there is a blessing, a dream, a step forward, a chance that is then lost. Dreams, goals, amazings die when excuses are made. Don’t allow such a travesty ever to happen…Blessings, gifts, awesomeness, these things are what life is all about. We each are a blessing and a gift, and most certainly a piece of awesomeness. WE ALL ARE!!!

Once you truly realize that, and know that nothing is outside your reach, unless its you that chooses not to reach at all, this is when life truly moves in the direction it was meant to. We might now always be able to leap from one side of where we are, over the side we wish to be on. But recognizing the want to get there at all, and having a willingness to take the steps is what bridges the gap from here to there. One step, one stair, one action, this is what takes us to where we wish to be. Every day take one, take two, take however many you feel within you to do. If you’re trying to head back to a place you once were, you are moving in the wrong direction, and wasting such valuable time, energy and effort in doing so. You can never go back to where you were. You can certainly stay right where you are right now, if that is what you feel is right for you. But if there is anything more you want from this life, then you need to move forward with it. Time is always moving forward, it’s there to help guide us to do the same. You can do, you can be, you can ANYTHING, as long as you are willing to TRY, to DO, to ACT!!!

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