Its’ okay to cry…

Do you have something weighing heavy upon you? Are you struggling with a relationship? With your partner? A friend? Changeling times with your kids? Work difficulties? Do you feel like you have a million pounds atop your shoulders? Do you have days where you find yourself about to burst into tears? Times where you question what it’s all about? Why the constant struggle or at least like what at the time feels to be a constant struggle? Times where you question yourself, your choices, your thoughts, your every action? Times where you feel like everything is always a fight, a struggle, a test?

This happens often to many of us throughout our lives. They say what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, but at times we can feel like saying, thank you, but I’m strong enough. lol. I can laugh, I can speak from my own experience. Often people tell me I make it look so easy with the things I’m dealing with. Well, easy it isn’t… And I like everyone have to remind myself I’m only human and am allowed to have times of weakness. I get frustrated. We all do… I’ve seen so much in my life from my own life, lives of those I love, lives of those I work with… One thing I see the most is how hard people can be on themselves

People are usually in one category or another. On one side there are the people who blame everything that is difficult in their lives on others. It’s always someone else’s fault. Even when the things they struggle with are situations they personally created. They still don’t take responsibility and blame the way they were raised, or their past circumstances. These peoples lives never change… Never move forward… Never improve… Temporarily they may look too, but then something happens again, and the cycle repeats itself, and they have one more thing to blame on others yet again. It’s a vicious never ending circle that always brings them back to the original point

The other category are the people who are so crazy hard on themselves. Anytime anyone in their life hurts or is having difficulty they take on all the responsibility of it. They blame themselves. Or they think it is all on them to fix it. All on them to remain the rock. All on them to take care of everyone else and fix everything else…  Neither way is wrong, it’s just a way in choosing to cope and get through this life. The key however to finding ways to move forward and get through the hards is to find the balance. To find the middle ground, where you only take ownership for what is yours to own. Where you don’t blame to the world and others for all your hards, but take responsibility for what was and is within your control, and take action to do something to better it… And to not be the SOLE responsible party for every single thing that happens in this world, or in your families world. And as strong as any of us can be, you have to know that it is not weakness to cry. It is not weakness to ask for help when you need some. It is not weakness to say you’re exhausted. Many of us have challenges we are dealing with. Struggles, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, financial, and so on.

You are never alone in this life. If you are 100% alone, and truly feel you have no where to turn when times are hard, then perhaps that is exactly what needs changing in your life. You need to have a place, a person, a greater source, an outlet to share your pain, struggles or questions… Whether this be your partner, your friend, your God, or a professional. Everyone needs to have somewhere and with someone they can allow themselves to let out and thus learn to let go of things. Sometimes even just a good cry allows us to heal. It allows us to be vulnerable. It’s okay to do so. It’s more than okay, it’s necessary at times.

The first step in dealing with anything is the realization of whatever it is, and how it is affecting your life, and the lives of others. Once you know what it is, you can take the steps needing to deal with it. Change isn’t easy for anyone. Hardships are a struggle, that why they are called hard-ships… When times are tougher is when we often lose sight of all that we are blessed with. Yet these are the times we have to see the blessings the most. As bad as things can see, they can always be worse, and they are worse all over the world for many others. As great as things can be, they can always be greater too

9 out 10 times if you were to make a list, a very solid, honest list with positives on one side and negatives on the other, you will find the positives far outweigh the negatives… And sometimes this is a simple yet very effective way to remind yourself of the positives and blessings you really do have in your life… Try it right now… May seem a little to simple too help, but sometimes the simplest things have the greatest impacts.

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